Wellness Voyage: Nurturing Health at Work!

by lemonadecares |
22 February, 2024
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Never say no to health screening

Good health is your greatest wealth. Our annual health screening & Flu vaccination is finally back! We firmly believe in the importance of taking care of one’s health. All staff are welcome to be part of this welfare initiative.

Injections are inevitable for the sake of health, and we must stay strong. Nervous faces can be witnessed during blood extraction and vaccination. However, with the support of our peers, we can overcome the procedure together. This event serves as a bonding session, bringing together staff from different project sites for onsite screening. Mini interactions and seeing familiar faces bring joy to everyone.

Once the screening phase is completed, we will patiently await our test results. However, we can have peace of mind knowing that our health is being observed carefully. Never say no to health screening.

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