Bowling Fun: Strikes & Cheers Ahead!

by lemonadecares |
22 February, 2024
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Fun times with bowling

It is finally time for our year-end company event. To end the year with a blast, nothing feels better than knocking down the pins in a thrilling game of bowling.

We kicked off the event with some tasty bento sets to fill our stomachs. Fueled by the energy from the food, we began to bowl endlessly. The satisfying sound of pins falling echoed through the venue, creating a mix of excitement and anticipation in the air.

As hours passed, the bowling session eventually came to an end. Finally, the time had come for our bowling winner ceremony. Unbelievably, one staff member scored a total of 214 points! This was followed by our long-awaited highlight, the Christmas draw, where many gifts were distributed to the lucky winners.

Afterward, everyone left the venue with memories of a memorable year-end event that was truly the best way to conclude the year on a positive note.

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